BTD Berufsverband der TanztherapeutInnen Deutschlands German Professional Organization for Dance Therapists

Benefits for Members

The annual membership assembly of the BTD is combined with a specialist conference. In addition, members of the BTD can take advantage of the following benefits:
  • counseling and support in training and professional questions
  • recognition as Dance Therapist, Trainer, Supervisor, Teaching Therapist, Training Institute
  • according to the standards of the BTD register of Dance Therapists complying with BTD standards and recommendation of clients
  • regional groups for professional exchange and continued education
  • publication of vacancies
  • exchange of information via BTD listserve
  • free of charge, free delivery of „Zeitschrift für Tanztherape“
  • homepage of the BTD containing information, links and special access to members
  • compilation of all current dance therapy literature
  • keeping archives of publications about dance therapy
  • keeping archives of dissertations
  • information about new developments concerning dance therapy and exchange about current research projects
  • professional activities involving ethical and financial questions of recognition by health insurance companies and BFA
  • information about international developments and dance therapy events
  • professional exchange with associated professional organizations


  • BTD - Berufsverband der TanztherapeutInnen Deutschlands


BTD e.V., Benedikt-Hagn-Straße 5 B, 80689 München, Tel. 089 58 97 90 23, info(at)