BTD Berufsverband der TanztherapeutInnen Deutschlands German Professional Organization for Dance Therapists


Dance Therapy is a form of creative and bodyoriented psychotherapy. Key components of intervention are movement and dance in combination with verbal expression. Psychological diagnostics are based on complex procedures of movement analysis. Integrating emotional, physical and cognitive processes into a self-guided expression of life is a major objective.

In addition to intrinsic concepts and methods, dance therapy’s theoretical frame of reference has adapted and further developed models of various schools of psychotherapy for intervention through movement and creative expression. Dance therapy is therefore an integrative approach that is applied in psychodynamic, behaviorist, systemic and humanistic contexts of health care.

Dance Therapy differs from other body-oriented methods by way of:

  • the methodological application of objectifying movement analysis by Rudolf von Laban and the continuous scientific research thereof serving as diagnostic instrument and
  • for developing a treatment plan the active creative process in dance therapy treatment.


  • BTD - Berufsverband der TanztherapeutInnen Deutschlands


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