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Dance Therapy Process

Approaching the individual by way of body language considerably broadens therapeutical resources. The body can express itself in a manner that might render impossible on a verbal level. The integration of body and body-memory into the therapeutic process allows for recollecting pre-verbal experiences.

Everyday movement and dance are being applied to convey feelings, to communicate non-verbally, to interact with others and to create the therapeutical relationship. Individual patterns of experience, expression, adaptation and communication can be observed in body tension, breathing, posture and dynamics of movement. The individual dance or movement and its symbolic implications shed light on the emotional issues involved.

The dance therapist applies dance and movement to structure the therapeutic process and to make adequate interventions. Focusing on the healthy parts of the personality the dance therapist helps to further emotional stability and ego-strength. New patterns of movement and alternative behavioural patterns can be developed on this basis. Changes on the movement level affect the individual as a whole and support a sense of wholeness. Verbal reflection of the preceding movement experience serves to develop consciousness and integration. Verbal interventions can differ in manner and extent depending on individual requirements. 



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